ZIGGURAT-Team Receives EXIST Business Start-up Grant to Develop Innovative Sewer System Optimization Software

We are thrilled to inform that the ZIGGURAT-Team (f.l.t.r. Ralf Habermehl, Ulrich Dittmer, Timo Christopher Dilly, Amin E. Bakhshipour, Marius Lauer) received an EXIST Business Start-up Grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the European Social Fund.

ZIGGURAT is a software that automates the generation and optimization of wastewater, stormwater and combined sewer systems. The layout, the degree of (de)centralisation, the sewer diameters and slopes, the invert elevations, the pumping and storage facilities as well as blue-green infrastructures can be considered as optimisation variables. The software is based on the combination of a large number of generally applicable technical rules of civil engineering design, mathematical methods and algorithms for generating reasonable solution variants. The approach is based on current research findings from urban water management and hydroinformatics.

Our goal is to provide potential customers with an online platform where they can access automated planning of sewer systems as a service at any time and set boundary conditions for optimization. This approach allows us to make the software available worldwide in a fast and easy manner. In the future, ZIGGURAT can contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), 11 (Sustainable cities and communities), and 13 (Climate Action).

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